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If you want to make beautiful spirits, make beautiful choices.

Plethora Brands Company is here for you from the kernel of your idea to the day you bottle your first spirits and beyond. Whether you are building a pure production facility or tourist destination, we will help you set up for success. 

We can assist you with:

  • Reviewing & refining your business model
  • The selection and ordering of equipment
  • Advice on production layout & workflow
  • Consulting with your construction team to avoid major buildout pitfalls & delays
  • On-site supervision of major equipment delivery & installation
  • Recommending preliminary mash bills for launch products
  • Packaging selection 
  • Staffing, recruitment & on-site training
  • Extended on-site production start-up
  • Tours, Tasting Room & Gift Shop integration
  • Website development 
  • Continued product development
  • Barrel aging programs


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Brendan Wheatley headshot

Brendan Wheatley

Brendan Wheatley has advised on design, build-out and developed products for micro-distilleries with an emphasis on barrel aged products. In his 20+ years in the industry, he has worked at and with distilleries spanning both coasts and Hawaii with a focus on ecologically sustainable farm-to-glass production as a value addition to local agriculture.

J.B. Wheatley headshot

J.B. Wheatley

J.B. Wheatley worked in TV & film post-production and visual effects for 10 years before turning her skill set to the spirits industry. From Florida to Maine and coast to coast, J.B. has done design, brand, marketing, and management for everything from bespoke bottles to billion-dollar operations, all with an eye towards differentiating her clients from the pack.